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The Harlequin Assortment (for 50 people) is a New Years Party Kit with silver and black diamond designs, low as $55.90. This party kit has everything you need for 50 people to celebrate New Year's Eve in style. The New Years Hats in the Harlequin Assortment have a silver and black diamond design and the tiaras, horns and serpentine have matching colors. Included in this New Years Party Kit are 25 top hats, 25 tiaras, 50 matching horns and 25 party beads.
harlequin assortment 88215-50 new years party kit

Harlequin Assortment
New Years Party Kit

(for 50 People)
  25Deluxe Top Hats
  25Fringe Tiaras
  50Matcing Horns
  25Party Beads
List Price: $115.00Save: $54.10
Enter a larger quantity and save!
  1 -   5 $60.90 Each
  6 - 10 $58.90 Each
11 - 20 $56.90 Each
21 + $55.90 Each

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